Because I like making things, many of the ideas on The Gifted Blog involve a do-it-yourself component. For example, I enjoy making gift decorations out of garbage.

However, this may not be your idea of a good time. If you’re reading this blog, you likely have an interest in taking your gift wrapping up a notch, and I would love to be of assistance. As I am able, I will feature various gift-wrapping products for those of us who would rather not make them from scratch (and for those of us who just think they’re cool!).

Enter Krank Press. Elinor, printer and proprietor of Krank Press, kindly sent me some letterpressed gift tags and cards when I told her I’d like to write about them. I was pretty excited to see the envelope when it came.

Aren’t they cool? I was drawn to these bright, graphic designs.

A friend told me she was curious to see how I was able to embellish presents during the time I only had kraft paper on hand. If you want to go really simple with your gift wrap, tags like these would give your gifts a little punch. To see more Krank Press tag designs and goods, check out their Etsy store.

Our neighbor lent me her paper punches so I could work on a future Gifted Blog project. Being the thoughtful and artistic person she is, she dropped them off in a cute miniature gift bag. Since this loan is an act that merits thanks, but perhaps not a whole thank you card, I am giving back the bag like this:

Perfect occasion to try out a tag!

Finally, I’d like to announce The Gifted Blog’s first giveaway! To enter, leave a comment before 8pm Friday (PST) telling me the last gift you gave someone and how you wrapped it.

I will pick a random number. The lucky winner with the corresponding comment will get Krank Press’ exclamation mark gift tags and patterned gift tags with envelopes!

Good luck!