Today I wanted to share these Wedding Style Guide “book club” gift labels with you. These simple designs would look nice on any present, for any occasion!

The way they’re styled in the image above – with the labels on the sides of the packages – is also an unusual way to give someone a book. Click here to find their selection of downloadable files, which includes “ex libris” labels to paste into the cover of a book.

Looking for more free gift wrap ideas? Try the “Free Ideas” category link to the right!


As you may have read in my Gift Wrapping Arsenal post about gift tags, I like to keep a variety of handmade gift tags on hand.

I am kind of big on getting things ready in advance. I like brainstorming a person’s present options in advance. I like packing snacks for plane trips in advance. When a particularly hectic morning is around the corner, I like setting out the breakfast stuff in advance.

But back to the tags.

A new friend came to our apartment with her daughters for a playdate and kindly brought these blueberry shortbread cookies. They were eagerly eaten by small (and adult-sized) mouths.

Seeing the beautiful packaging, I sensed a crafting opportunity! I cut rectangles, using as much of the box as I could. Some I simply punched at the top with a 3-hole punch. Others I added bits of paper to to make a space to write the to/from.

It was in this process that it finally dawned on me that the shapes on the packaging mimicked the shortbread ingredients – blueberries and almonds! Of course, if you don’t have a Trader Joe’s nearby to get this exact box, you can use any interesting food packaging to make your tags.

So simple, yet striking! Via DesignSponge, some quick instructions on re-assembling a business envelope inside out. This could be interesting for a gift certificate or card atop your gift!

Looking for more free gift wrap ideas? Try the “Free Ideas” category link to the right!

If you like the hand-drawn look but aren’t quite ready to take your doodles public, here are some free, printable gift tags from Sarah of The Small Object.

So funny and cute. It took me a while to ‘get’ her aesthetic, but I like it. She seems very detail-oriented. Even these freebies are designed with a space to write in the occasion, to/from lines, and some extras for a little note!

For today’s free idea – an Instructables tutorial on making a gift box out of a cereal box. Click here for the step-by-step.

If this seems like too much work for you but you like the concept, go the simple route by disassembling a cereal box and regluing it inside out!

Looking for more free gift wrap ideas? Try the “Free Ideas” category link to the right!

These miniature boxes by Kathleen of Twig and Thistle are meant for wedding favors, but I can see them being used for jewelry or other little gifts. Follow this link to Style Me Pretty to download the printable template!

Looking for more free gift wrap ideas? Try the “Free Ideas” category link to the right!

Who doesn’t like a free idea? Here’s a wrapping idea using materials that are free and plentiful!

A Fresh & Easy market just opened near our house and they’ve been sending store fliers every week. Noticing the bright colors and modern-looking design, I got excited to use it as gift wrap.

I wrapped the box on the diagonal for added interest, which turned out to be a bit tricky. A corner of the ad got chopped in the process of trying to make a clean fold.

In keeping with the grocery store theme, I took out some produce bags from the Armenian market. These ones are undecorated and fairly heavy-duty. Instead of following the cutting instructions from the tutorial I used for my last pom-pom, I cut the bag in one, continuous line starting from the top.

I made the pom-pom. Next, I used a wide band of bag in place of a ribbon, and tied the pom-pom around it to cinch the band.

A handmade tag made out of junk mail paper provides the finishing touch. It was spontaneously decorated with an image of Fresh & Easy popcorn chicken from that corner of paper that had to be cut off. Fun!

So, there you have it, free gift wrap! Of course, you can use any variation of grocery store flier and plastic bag that you like. Is this something you can see yourself giving someone? What are your free ideas for gift wrapping?