The Gifted Blog Reader Gallery is Up!

December 1, 2009

It’s December, and it feels like the right time to officially unveil: The Gifted Blog Reader Gallery!

This Flickr pool is a place to share your gift wrapping projects inspired by The Gifted Blog. Please post photos of your favorite wrapped gifts, handmade wrapping paper, quirky gift tags, et cetera! In keeping with the scope of the blog, please limit your submissions to personal gifts (vs. professional packaging).

I think we’ll all learn something from each other, and it will be nice to have a dedicated space for reader pictures. I will periodically review the gallery and pick an image or two to feature in a post. The image above shows six birthday cupcakes my friend H. decorated with origami cranes – a fun way to decorate if the gift is edible. So cute! To see the other goodies in the gallery, click here!

You can post up to 5 images a week, and they will be held for review before they go public. It should be straightforward to join the Flickr group and post your images, but please let me know if you run into any snags. Enjoy!


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