paminboots Product Feature & Giveaway!

November 16, 2009

Not to be sneaky, but this post is also, secretly, a Tutorial Tryout. I just couldn’t fit it into the title in good conscience.

I was browsing Etsy back in September in search of possible products to feature. There doesn’t seem to be too much beyond the realm of gift tags, so I was thrilled to stumble upon this hand printed wrapping paper by Pam of paminboots! It was very fun corresponding with her about her craft.

I flipped over the woodblock-y style of the hearts and the graphic mushrooms especially. The designs on the kraft paper are screenprinted, and the hearts and mushrooms are – no joke – stamped individually by hand. What a labor of love!

Pam writes:

My mom loves mushrooms. Somehow, she never seems to tire of their cuteness, and she loves spotting them along the road when we’re driving and shouting, “Mushrooms!” Oddly enough, this is something I have taken to doing as well. Because she loves mushrooms so much, my brother and I often give/make her mushroom-themed gifts. I can just imagine how thrilled she’ll be when she sees all the mushrooms sprouting up underneath the Christmas tree this year and how annoyed my brother will be when he hears all us girls squealing, “Mushrooms! Mushrooms! Mushrooms!”

I love it. With all the commercially printed gift wrap in the world, how nice to have one that was made with just one mom in mind. You can see a full view of this beautiful wrapping paper here.

I saw this tutorial for a gift wrap covered canister on Instructables and wanted to try it before the holidays. Covering a container like this means it can be used and re-used, no worse for wear! I used the last of the 1-minute oats and was ready to go.

I followed the instructions pretty much as-is, substituting a scrapbooking adhesive and glue stick for double-sided tape. I painted the top of the lid so the printing wouldn’t show through the white paper.

The kraft paper Pam used for the hearts and hands pattern was plenty thick and covered the body of the canister beautifully. I hadn’t originally thought about using the two papers together, and I really love how the patterns look juxtaposed!

I am most comfortable with small-sized projects, so it felt good to make something that could hold a larger gift. And though it took time upfront, how easy is wrapping going to be? Just pop the lid on, maybe add a bow, and you’re golden!

As a treat for my readers, I’m hosting a giveaway of these heart and hand gift tags by paminboots. Printed on index cards, you can write the to/from on the front and include a little note on the reverse side.

To enter, leave a comment before 8pm Tuesday (PST). The lucky winner will receive the set of four gift tags pictured below.

Good luck!


3 Responses to “paminboots Product Feature & Giveaway!”

  1. shawna Says:

    I love the covered oats cannister. I’ve always enjoyed opening presents that are wrapped like that (where the wrapping is attached to the box). And the paper is so cute!

  2. Jessica Says:

    i love mushrooms! i did a biology report about them in high school when we were supposed to pick a species to write about. everyone else picked dogs or cats, but i picked mushrooms. haha.

  3. This is all adorable and so special! I love it all, but in particular the gift tags…

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