One More Gift

November 12, 2009

I can’t believe I almost forgot to post about this present N. received for his birthday! When our friend S. heard I was starting The Gifted Blog, she perked up. “My co-worker made me the funniest wrapping paper last year!” she said, “It was covered with pictures of me!”

We thought this was such a funny image, receiving a gift with you all over it. So for N.’s first birthday, S. made him his own, customized gift wrap! This is a photo of him on an Oahu beach.

She printed it on 11×14″ paper and carefully cut and taped it together. Here’s a shot of the back to give you a better idea.

Inside was the delightful book Not a Box. The simple line drawings remind me so much of writing (and illustrating) notes in high school. Those were serious creative endeavors! I think all our pent up energy from being stuck in those few terrible, pointless classes came out in our note-writing.

Thank you, S. for such a fun addition to our library in such a fun package!


2 Responses to “One More Gift”

  1. donaldtrumpy Says:

    hey Charissa!
    this is sora, just wanted to say, keep up the fabulous work!!!

    • thegiftedblog Says:

      Thank you! Wait, are you sure you’re not Donald Trump, checking up on my budding gift wrapping empire? : )

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