Thank You

October 28, 2009

It’s been 3 months since I started The Gifted Blog.

I was pretty nervous in the beginning. I felt tentative. I wanted to make sure I had enough to write about before I started a dedicated webspace to gift wrapping. I didn’t want to fizzle out.

It made me too nervous to write straight into WordPress, so I began by typing drafts in Notepad. I scoured each draft, brainstormed series ideas, and made lists of future posts.

And now, with 37 posts behind me, I’ve loosened up a little and am really enjoying it! I am grateful to God for giving me this creative outlet.

Thank you to everyone who reads my stories. I like hearing from you in the comments and by e-mail, and am tickled every time I find out I have a new reader. Thanks also to Stephanie B, Silverkeys and Luci for the recent blog mentions. I feel a tiny bit famous.

And now I have a favor to ask. I am planning ahead for the rest of 2009’s posts and want your input! My desire is for The Gifted Blog to be a dialogue, not monologue.

I have some ideas on the back burner and would love to hear: what would you like to hear about as Christmas approaches? What about an advice column? Do you already love wrapping gifts and am I preaching to the choir, or is there a specific way I can help facilitate your gift wrapping experience? Have you ever wondered what it means to wrap a manly gift? More importantly, would you like to explore with me how to wrap a manly gift?

And of course, any other ideas and feedback are welcome. Thanks!


4 Responses to “Thank You”

  1. Luci Says:

    I think you’re doing a great job for such a new blog!

    I would love to see ideas for more recycled gift wraps, and stuff on the cheap. I also like the men’s idea, and since the holidays are coming, nearly everybody will be wrapping for kids.

    And of course, anything you do with $1 rolls of kraft paper from the dollar store will interest me!

  2. silverkeys Says:

    Congratulations on your 3 month mark!

    I would love to see some posts about recycled gift-wrapping, what to do with old christmas cards, or creative ways to wrap odd-shaped gifts (not involving a bag and tissue paper, which has become my general last resort . . .)

  3. twofourone Says:

    Manly gift wrap please!!!

    I think an advice column would be awesome, we could submit a photo of the gift in question, and you could help us figure out how to wrap it!

    What about gift etiquette? Do have thoughts about that?

    • thegiftedblog Says:

      Thanks for the feedback and kind words!

      I have a couple of posts about gift wrapping with recycled materials that are scheduled to post within the next few weeks (yes, I am a planner).

      And twofourone, great idea about doing an advice column with a picture of the gift in question! That would be a fun.

      I think gift etiquette might be beyond the scope of the blog, but I was thinking about posting about how to pick gifts for people. It’s obviously at the heart of the enjoyment of gift-giving!

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