Flip Flop Fancy Tags – Product Feature and Giveaway!

October 1, 2009

Since a blog inevitably reflects its author, most of the ideas on The Gifted Blog are do-it-yourself. But, not everyone wants to make things from scratch! So, as I am able, I am pleased to feature products you can incorporate into your gift wrapping practice.

For this feature, many thanks to Connie of Flip Flop Fancy Tags for sending me an assortment of her miniature gift tags. She writes, “I started making tags because I have a clothing line and wanted cute little tags for my outfits. I started making them for my clothing and fell in love with creating tags for gifts.”

When I opened the envelope, I was struck by how little the tags are – just 1 3/4″ x 1 3/4″! They are embellished with a variety of paper trims and ribbons.

When I asked Connie what inspires her gift tags, she mentioned that she loves shabby chic items. I think that’s reflected in the scrapbook-y style of these tags!

We have some new neighbors in our apartment, so I made them some pear cake as a welcome gift. Our friends from church brought down a ton of pears they picked in the husband’s hometown (thank you, O. and J.!).

I used this recipe from All Buttoned Up, a blog I very much admire. This cake is awesome! Super easy, doesn’t dirty a lot of stuff in the kitchen, spicy and perfect for fall. My husband and I could polish a pan off by ourselves.

I put it in one of our new glass storage containers, then added a bow and coordinating Flip Flop Fancy tag.

So cute – I hope they liked it!

To spread the enjoyment, I am hosting another giveaway! To enter, leave a comment before 8pm Friday (PST) with your biggest pet peeve about gift wrapping.

I will pick a random number. The lucky winner will receive a set of five tags, courtesy Flip Flop Fancy Tags!

Good luck!


5 Responses to “Flip Flop Fancy Tags – Product Feature and Giveaway!”

  1. hester Says:

    i hate that using tape on gifts and giftwrap makes it very difficult to open gifts and still reuse the wrap.

  2. shawna Says:

    it’s so annoying to me when i use cheap gift wrap paper & the ink rubs off when i crease it. hopefully that makes sens…

  3. Makiko Says:

    Cutting my finger by sharp edge of new wrap paper is annoying….I bought that paper by sale price, and it still remains a lot:(

  4. Lexie Says:

    The last time we talked on Skype I had to hurry and wrap gifts before lunch. I had gift wrap but I decided to be creative (since I had just gotten off the phone with you) and used some stuff left over from Sunday school kids activities (string and craft paper), as well as the plastic flowers from old Valentines for the two presents I had to give. Charissa, they were so ugly. It turned out horrible. But they did have that loving homemade touch!!

  5. Jenn S Says:

    My pet peeve about wrapping gifts is that I can not for the life of me cut the paper straight off the roll. I only really use gift wrap rolls at Christmas and my sons birthdays (when there are alot of gifts to wrap) and I end up wasting alot of paper because it’s cut at wonky angles and doesn’t fit the gift anymore.

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