Wrap Story: The Rose in Her Hair

September 28, 2009

This Wrap Story is a part of a mini-series, documenting every present I’ve wrapped since the launch of this blog. For more, click the “Wrap Story” link at the bottom of the post!

A friend, E., was married this summer, and I had the privilege of attending her bridal shower in the weeks leading up to the big day. It was a gray morning, but we enjoyed good company and funny games at a neighborhood park.

Images courtesy Jessica Jew

By this time I had started work on Gifted, a line of reusable gift wrap. I was in the process of sewing several cloth gift bags, but what next? Knowing the gift bags couldn’t accommodate every size gift, I wanted to make something that could be used with a larger present.

With the goal of making another beautiful, user-friendly product, I made a rose that could be used in place of a bow. I had great material on hand – a cashmere top that never fit right. It felt luxurious, perfect for a bridal shower gift. I was pleased that its deep red matched one of the bride and groom’s wedding colors.

I sewed the rose and attached it to an unbleached elastic band. I got excited about the thought that E. could use it again. I glued two paper leaves to the box (wrapped, as you see, with kraft paper) and used one as the “to/from” tag.

Present-opening time! Here’s the happy bride-to-be.

She opened the gift and something spontaneous happened. Some of the shower guests said, “Oh! You could use it as a headband!” E. obliged and put the rose on. Doesn’t she look cute? I felt so happy that this gift wrapping turned into a small experience of its own, contributing to the fun, festive atmosphere.

It’s probably too lofty a goal to have every gift I wrap turn into a dress-up experience, but it was pretty fun to have it turn out this way this time.


8 Responses to “Wrap Story: The Rose in Her Hair”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Hey! I know those people! :)

  2. hanna Says:

    this is soooo cute! ever since i read about rodarte and their flower creations with fabric, i’ve been keen on making them. great wrap story.

    • thegiftedblog Says:

      Aw, thanks!

      I googled Rodarte and flowers but didn’t come up with much. What did they do? My former MOCA coworker almost got a gig archiving their entire collection history, but I don’t think it ever went through. Would’ve been amazing, I’m sure!

  3. twofourone Says:

    Yay! It was fun to open that gift for sure!
    ~e =)

  4. Jenn Says:

    I love it – very cute. It would be perfect for little girl gifts too!

    • thegiftedblog Says:

      Good point. I used to love scrunchies, hair bows, etc. when I was little!

      I haven’t seen that many ideas for wrapping kids’ gifts out there…it would be fun to compile some and make a post out of them.

  5. Makiko Says:

    She is beautiful with this deep-red-coloured rose and the dress you choose! What a nice present!

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