Inspired By: DIY Vietnamese Sandwiches

September 9, 2009

This Inspired By post is the first of a mini-series on the things and people that inspire my gift wrapping. Inspiration can strike at any time!

Ideas for gift wrapping can pop up in unexpected places. The June/July issue of ReadyMade had a feature on a “remixed” picnic. The article featured different takes on the traditional potato salad, sandwiches, fruit salad, etc. For me, more exciting than the homegrown microgreen salad was the beautiful presentation of these picnic foods.

The prop stylist laid the dishes out on a rainbow of casually-arranged scarves. Even the homemade Vietnamese sandwiches were wrapped in colorful ones (see left-hand side, below).

I was reminded of a gift I wrapped for G. for our anniversary last year. Looking for a quick way to wrap his bluetooth headset, I knotted a silk scarf from his grandma around it.

It is a beautiful and earth-friendly way to wrap smaller gifts. When we headed out to Iowa this summer, I resolved to hunt down more vintage scarves to use for gift wrapping.

When he heard I had gone thrifting on our vacation, a friend asked, “Is there something different about the Goodwills in Iowa?” Good question. I explained that when you thrift shop here in Southern California, you’re basically going to find a lot more Forever 21.

Especially where G.’s grandparents live, there is a greater population of seniors. This is reflected in what ends up at the thrift stores. While I can’t speak definitively, I would say that there is a higher likelihood of finding vintage stuff in Iowa than there is our immediate area.

My mother-in-law knew just where to take me, and I found some very cool scarves in Iowa City and across the state in Spencer. I can’t wait to use these for gifts!

In the next Inspired By post: a trial run of a scarf-wrapped gift!


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