Tutorial Tryout: Celery-Printed Wrap

September 2, 2009

Tutorial Tryouts are trial runs of DIY ideas from the internet and other sources. If you find a tutorial you’d like me to test (or if you’ve tried and documented one yourself!), let me know in the comments. For more, click the “Tutorial Tryout” link at the bottom of the post.

After making the grocery bag pom-pom from the Creature Comforts site I was ready for more! I was most intrigued by this charming tutorial on printing with celery. So clever.

When I saw we had celery, I remembered the tutorial and excitedly went to get some acrylic paint. I happened to cut up a carrot and saved the end for printing, too.

I bought silver and white paint and used an old yogurt lid to put the paint in. It was most effective to start with just a few drops of paint and tap the celery around until it was evenly coated. Unfortunately, this meant putting drops in the lid frequently. It would likely be faster to use a brush to apply the paint.

As you can see, I am using my trusty kraft paper. This is actually the end of the roll, meaning it has lasted me over a year!

I went for dense rows of celery prints so there will be lots of decoration on the gift, even if the box is small. Above, you can see variation in the thickness of the paint. This was a good project to loosen up a perfectionist like me. Not every print will come out alike, and that’s okay!

To add dimension, I used white paint to stamp with the carrot end. The next time I would leave a little more of the carrot to hold on to!

This photo shows the opacity of the white paint in contrast to the silver prints:

All in all, an extremely satisfying project. I’m already brainstorming whose gift will get wrapped in this!


11 Responses to “Tutorial Tryout: Celery-Printed Wrap”

  1. Lisa Says:

    That’s a great idea! I want to try this too…

    • thegiftedblog Says:

      Yeah! It was really satisfying. I’ve seen potato and apple prints online as well; you could really use so many things. Let me know if you do it!

  2. insidethehemisphere Says:

    I read through your older entries. I love the ideas. I’m definitely going to frequent this site. I like this particular idea it makes me want to get myself some celery. I imagine black paper with white celery prints.
    Lovely blog you got here.

    • thegiftedblog Says:

      Thanks for your kind words! I have really enjoyed writing these posts and hope others enjoy them, too.

      And I know, it’s a rare craft idea that makes you want to run out for a bunch of celery! I think black and white would be quite striking.

  3. beautifuliving Says:

    Thanks for the visit. It’s fun to hear from someone who seems to love wrapping as much as I do. It is surly an obsession of mine. :)

    Sadly I keep wrapping a lot of gifts at work for co-workers but never seem to have a camera on me so no recent images of my work.

    Would love to hear your ideas about guest blogging. I’m at 8eautifuliving [at] gmail.com



  4. shawna Says:

    hey! that looks great! what a cool idea. it definitely reminded me of doing fish-prints at potlatch. i bet celery is a lot less stinky. what if you do some w/ n’s hands & feet?

  5. kristine Says:

    hi..great blog! the celery print came out really nice! i should try this soon!

  6. What a lovely blog. I’m so happy to have found a kindred gift-wrapping spirit!

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