Wrap Story: M&M Bowls

August 18, 2009

This Wrap Story is a part of a mini-series, documenting every present I’ve wrapped since the launch of this blog. For more, click the “Wrap Story” link at the bottom of the post!

Image courtesy Lisa Higaki

My cousin M. got married! She is a writer (more specifically, a poet), and I was especially excited to pick out a gift for her and her husband because we share some aesthetic sensibilities. She loves handmade things and is an artist herself.

Partially because I have fond memories of childhood pottery classes, and partially because I was stoked about buying some (budget-friendly) locally made goods, I went to Pasadena City College’s ceramics sale. This is an annual event to benefit the Art Department that takes place in the beginning of May. I was a little concerned about the selection beforehand. The sale was over three days, and I wasn’t able to make it there until late on the last day. But there was plenty of good stuff. I took N. out of his stroller and we circled around and around the tables until I found three sets of pottery that I was excited to purchase and give.

Here is the pair of bowls I picked for M. and her husband, M.:

I knew this would pose a bit of a wrapping challenge, since the bowls did not come with a box and would have to be wrapped in a way that protected them and accommodated their unusual shape. Though it wasn’t my first choice, I found a plain paper gift bag in my stash and decided to use it once I realized the bowls just fit inside.

I crumpled plain packing paper to give some protection at the bottom of the bag, then wrapped each bowl well. In thinking of how to decorate the bag, M. and M.’s wedding invitation came to mind. The invitation and reception card came in the mail about a month before the wedding and are lovely:

I cut out the flower design and chose a light yellow rice paper to back it. I finished off the gift with an artificial bud tendril and bow. The tendril and ribbon were from my stash. I am not above ironing out the wrinkles!

Here’s the final present, pictured with gifts from my grandparents and a giant spreadsheet of the wedding day activities, made by M. and M.’s friend and wedding coordinator.

The sad reality of wedding invitations is that often so much effort goes into making them, yet the vast majority are tossed once their purpose is served. My hope is that M. and M. enjoyed seeing the image they selected for their celebration used again on their wedding present!


3 Responses to “Wrap Story: M&M Bowls”

  1. Lexie Says:

    hi c- just found your blog it’s adorable! as soon as i saw the pics of the bowls on google reader I was like- this has to be you. anyways, the concept of your blog is a great idea. i’m going to subscribe. also– i liked your wedding anniversary gift stories!!

  2. Chase Says:

    Wow, creative idea for a blog. I like how it gives creative ideas and also offers a window into the lives of the Pokamotos. Your creations are beyond me, but I approve!

  3. thegiftedblog Says:

    Thank you! I guess the gift wrap line could have been called Pokamoto, but we need to save that for our woodwork/felted wool/remade vintage clothing/awning line.

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