A Present for Me

August 3, 2009

As an aside, I wanted to note the way G. wrapped his anniversary present for me. After hearing some rummaging around in the paper supplies cabinet, I was presented with this delightful small package:

G. used the cover of CalTech’s Engineering and Science magazine to wrap the box. A paper leaf from our wedding was used as a tag with a note to me.

I appreciated his resourcefulness and use of bright colors. Inside, I found the original pearl from my wedding ring…but no ring! [It had gone missing from my nightstand a few days prior.] G. pulled my ring, newly cleaned and updated with a shiny white pearl, from his pocket. Since pearls are soft, wearing one every day takes a toll on its delicate surface. It was nice to re-receive my ring exactly two years after the wedding band joined the engagement ring. Thank you, honey!


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